Oncology Specialists

There are an estimated 13 million cancer survivors living in the US today, with projected growth to 18 million by 2020.  However, there are only a limited number of oncologists, oncology nurse specialists and other healthcare professionals focused on cancer care.  

Healthcare professionals who focus on cancer care are seeing their workloads steadily increase.  There are more patients, but not enough skilled healthcare professionals.  A March 2012 ASCO study entitled "Future Supply and Demand for Oncologists: Challenges to Assuring Access to Oncology Services" found that “an aging and growing population, increasing numbers of cancer survivors, and slower growth in the supply of oncologists will result in a shortage of 2,550 to 4,080 oncologists by 2020.”  
Education and training on how to care for cancer patients is in short supply.  Cancer Survivorship Training (CST) aims to help address this shortage by providing survivorship education and training solutions that will help oncology healthcare professionals learn the skills needed to provide quality cancer survivorship care.  
CST’s solutions also help expand the cancer care team through inter-professional development including primary care physicians, mid-level providers, nurses, and allied health professionals focused on patient centered, multi-disciplinary care across the cancer care continuum.  There are few resources available addressing this comprehensive approach to delivering survivorship care - CST aims to fill this gap with our web and mobile survivorship education and training solutions. 

For Organizations

Cancer Survivorship Training (CST) can help your hospital, institution or organization with comprehensive survivorship education and resources to build and maintain a survivorship program.


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