News Release - CST announces strategic partnership with MCA

eLearning Company Announces Strategic Partnership
Cancer Survivorship Training, Inc. aligns with Midwest Cancer Alliance (MCA)
KANSAS CITY  (October 15th, 2012) – Cancer Survivorship Training, Inc. (CST), an eLearning company, today announced a strategic partnership with the Midwest Cancer Alliance (MCA), a network of 18 hospitals, physicians groups, and cancer support and patient advocacy organizations across Kansas and western Missouri.  This partnership will provide MCA’s members with expert cancer survivorship education and training.
Today there are an estimated 13 million cancer survivors living in the United States. With cancer survivors projected to grow to 18 million by 2020, nearly all healthcare professionals will participate in the care of cancer survivors. CST’s solutions create a common learning environment that will facilitate communication and collaboration among all healthcare professionals to deliver coordinated, patient-centered survivorship care to all cancer survivors.  
“The good news is that with early detection and targeted therapies, more patients are surviving cancer.  But cancer is a chronic condition, with potential late and long-term effects.  Cancer survivors greatly outnumber healthcare professionals, and facilities are struggling to keep up with patient needs,“ said Dr. Jennifer Klemp, CEO and founder of CST.  “We are armed with an arsenal of educational curriculum and resources dedicated to the issues surrounding cancer survivorship.  This partnership will empower providers across the region with the knowledge and tools to care for cancer survivors.” 
“Survivorship is such an important aspect of cancer care. The MCA is dedicated to providing our member organizations with innovative strategies to keep up to date with today’s evolving cancer care concerns and new treatment developments,” said Hope Krebill, executive director of MCA.  “We’re excited to make CST’s resources available.  Our partnership with CST provides an impactful way to continue to help improve the care and compassion each MCA member delivers.“
CST’s courses provide nationally accredited continuing education credits for physicians, nurses, allied and mental health professionals.  These courses are created by some of the brightest leaders and advocates in Cancer Survivorship from prestigious universities and research institutions including the University of Kansas Medical Center, Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University Medical Center, University of Pennsylvania, just to name a few.  Courses available today include: Delivery of Survivorship Care, Patient Navigation & Adherence to Oral Medications, and Energy Balance.  In the near future, CST will expand the company’s online offerings to include Physical Late and Long-term Effects of Cancer, Economic Well-being, Fatigue & Cognitive Difficulties, Cancer Genetic, Sexual Health and Fertility, Screening for New or Recurrent Cancer and others.
Cancer Survivorship Training (CST) is an eLearning solutions company that delivers nationally accredited online continuing education courses and an online community for healthcare professionals. The company, founded in 2011, is the vision of Dr. Jennifer R. Klemp, who has practiced 16+ years within the oncology care community, and is affiliated with the University of Kansas Medical Center.  CST’s goal is to provide eLearning solutions and resources that increase users’ knowledge and understanding of cancer survivorship care in order to improve outcomes and lower health-related costs.  For more information about CST, please visit:  
Midwest Cancer Alliance (MCA) is a membership-based organization that works to improve cancer care across Kansas by providing access to the latest advancements close to home.  The MCA links discoveries made in the labs at The University of Kansas Cancer Center to a region-wide network of hospitals and health care organizations in an effort to advance the quality and reach of cancer prevention, early detection, treatment and survivorship methods to Kansas and western Missouri.  For more information about MCA, please visit:

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Cancer Survivorship Training (CST) provides continuing education and training tools to help healthcare professionals meet their professional needs and improve the lives of cancer patients.


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