Oct 15 2012

Kansas City Business Journal - "Cancer Survivorship Training Inc., a year-old startup affiliated with the University of Kansas Medical Center, is partnering with the Midwest Cancer Alliance."

Read the article on the Business Journal website -

Jun 01 2012

The article - Biomedical Research Expands Area Economy - outlines many of the great bioscience, medical and animal health initiatives and successes in the area.  Cancer Survivorship Training is proud to be one of the featured companies.  Read the article

Apr 30 2012

The May issue of HERLIFE magazine has a spotlight article profiling Cancer Survivorship Training, Inc. -

Jan 28 2012

Leavenworth native spearheads new KU startup.  Read the article.

Jan 27 2012

A new KU startup, Cancer Survivorship Training, Inc. will educate health providers as they care for cancer survivors...  See the Facebook page.

Jan 25 2012

KU research leads to new startup company.  Read the article.

Jan 24 2012

University Of Kansas Research Leads To New Startup Company.  Read the entire article

Jan 24 2012
KU research leads to new startup company.  See the release
Jan 24 2012

Company inspired by KU research aims to increase awareness of best practices for caring for cancer survivors Read the article.


For Healthcare Professionals

Cancer Survivorship Training (CST) provides continuing education and training tools to help healthcare professionals meet their professional needs and improve the lives of cancer patients.


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